Tips for Your Hair

Some tips for your hair.
Protect your color with a hat, natural or artifical.
Use conditioner, and when in direct sun spray sun screen on top of head to avoid sunburn even on cloudy days.
If you are swimming; wet hair thoroughly with fresh water before immersing it in pool or lake water. This keeps it from soaking up all the chlorinated water. Wash and condition after swimming.
No need to use a swimming shampoo as they dry hair and swell cuticle of hair making it more susceptible to damage.
If your hair is tangling, time for a trim.
If you are growing your hair: Trims enhance the growth as the hair is not in a repair mode.
Looking for a new style? I have a million ideas but help by bringing in photos of your own.
Search medium, short, or long hair on your computer. Many photos to give you ideas of what you may like. Print out and keep handy for your next hair salon visit. This is a good way to help communicate what you like or dislike.