Mike Jackson, Andy Razaf
Knock Me a Kiss (1942) I learned this tune from a record by Louie Jordon.  Louie Jordon, a pioneering American musician, songwriter and bandleader enjoyed his greatest popularity from the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s.  Billy spent many years in Chicago as a house piano player where he encountered many musicians' at the time that are now historical figures in Jazz. He has an impressive amount of experience and knowledge of the American Song book. As result of a healthy life style, tennis and no alcohol, he has put more hours into playing, developing jazz, accompanying singers than any musician I have met. Billy knows how music works. Billy also learned this tune from the recording of Louie Jordan. He said Louie Jordon was very popular and everybody loved him. Billy is awesome on this tune.


I like cake
And no mistake
But baby, if you insist
I'll cut out cake
Just for your sake
Baby, c'mon knock me a kiss

I like pie
I hope to die
Just get a load of this
When you get high
Doggone the pie
Baby, c'mon knock me a kiss

When you pressed your sweet little lips to mine
Then I understood
They taste like candy, brandy and wine
Peaches, bananas and everything fine
I love jam and no flim flam
Scratch that off my list
This ain't no jam
The jam can scram
Baby, c'mon knock me a kiss