1. Your Kiss

From the recording Where Butterflies Play

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Your Kiss

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Joe Bonner wrote this song for me. It is a 3/4 waltz. I had originally planned on naming the cd after this song. Joe was so kind to gift this to me. Joe and I were not lovers only friends. He treated me like a porcelain doll. He was kind and generous musically and often told me he invented me. I certainly knew when I met him that the music he was playing was so like the music in my head. I will always treasure our 23 years of music making. When I returned from a month in Paris, I searched out Joe Bonner. He was working at Coyotes. I went one afternoon and met him. We share memories of Paris. He invited me to the session on Sunday. At the session he called me up and introduced me as Barbara Paris... it went on for 16 weeks.... And then 23 years or more. This is a song that we loved.


Your kiss I miss when you're not near , your voice I hear in your kiss,
a space in time more sweet than wine, I'll make you mine with your kiss,
Here in my arms, you're safe at home. Never to roam, I'm not alone.
Please say you'll be the one for me, true love I'll see in your kiss, your kiss