1. Star Eyes

From the recordings Where Butterflies Play and "EPK Version"

I worked one Mother's Day with Ellyn Rucker. I called tune after tune and made a note of which songs went exceptionally well. I then called her for this short session. From that list I choose this song. When I got to the session and we went over it I didn't know the bridge. She showed me this phrasing and her it is. When I had begun recording I had been working professionally only 9 months by the time of this session. A mere baby jazz singer. Personnel:Barbara Paris vocals, Ellyn Rucker piano, Dean Ross bass.


Star eyes
That to me is what your eyes are
Soft as stars in April skies are
Tell me some day you'll fulfill
Their promise of a thrill

Star eyes
Flashing eyes in which my hopes rise
Let me show you where my heart lies
Let me prove that it adores
That loveliness of yours

All my life I've felt
Content to stargaze at the skies
Now I only want to to melt
The stardust in your eyes

Star eyes
When if ever, will my lips know
If it's me for whom those eyes glow?
Makes no diff'rence where you are
Your eyes still hold my wishing star
Oh, star eyes, how lovely you are