1. Paris Blues

From the recording Day By Day

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Paris Blues

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I started singing this song one snowy morning at the bus stop on my way to work.
The lyrics were inspired by an experience I had meeting Roy. He is a bright and shining individual and takes excellent care of him self. He recorded with Cannonball Adderly and at the time had been working with the ledgenary Nancy Wilson for 19 years. I had met him at the IAJE in Los Angeles at a talk Nancy Wilson was giving. I had just released "Happy Talk". He made this recording possible.


He's stars shining in the back of his head he's got a smile that's as warm as Barbados
he's got a twinkle in his eye set a girl on fire, he's got a body like men in San Tropez
He's unavailable, but he's mighty might fine, to look at , to talk, to to hang with.
I looked at him and smiled and in a little while I signaled him to come and take a seat by me.
He didn't hesitate, he didn't make me wait, his company was simply delightful,
he was unavailable, but he was mighty mighty fine to look at to talk to to hang with.