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No Voot No Boot

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Lew Tabackin once told me I was good at singing the blues. My brother had been a blues singer. I would envision him when singing them early on. He would stop a room. Meanwhile I learned this from an early recording of Dinah Washington which I begged for it at The Cannes International music festival in France. I took some liberties on the lyrics and had asked John B Williams what he thought, should I change them just before the recording. He gave me his approval. Roy McCurdy on drums, Llew Mathews on piano. Rich Chiaraluce on reeds.


There's some things you can't buy, some things you won't give away,
Yes, there's some things you can't buy, some things you won't give away,
And if I can't find what I want, I'm gonna sit on it the rest of my day!
You can offer me your money, your Indian lovin' too,
But if you ain't got what I want, there's nothin' you can do!
I swear I'll never sell out, and I will not give it away,
If I can't get what I want, I'll sit on it the rest of my day!
Now I had a young Jodie, he gave his all to me,
But he was lackin' somethin', so I gave him up, you see!
Every man not built for speed;
I'm gonna sit right here on it till I find a man can give me what I need!
Now I may be pretty, and I may not have that long black girly hair,
Yes, I may be pretty and, I may have long black hair,
Yes, but my mother gave me somethin' that will take me anywhere!